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Wall of thanks

We're raising funds to keep KindHaus open for families this Winter

Dear Mums and Dads,

Our Popup licence expires on Monday 13th November. We are raising funds to secure a rolling lease and to help cover the rent for the next 5 months.

First, the good stuff

We’ve had an overwhelming amount of support since opening doors in May and we are incredibly proud of the community that has formed around the space in Stoke Newington. We love seeing your familiar faces, watching the little ones hit their milestones, and meeting new parents who are hearing about us via friends and family. A huge, huge thank you to everyone who’s been spreading the word! Our core mission has always been to create a space that welcomes and supports parents. We’re thrilled to be able to affordably offer our play cafe as a "home away from home", and our Cowork & Creche service to help those tackling the work/life juggle. There are so many wins to share and on top of that next week we'll be 6 months old - wow! It's literally been us placing one foot in front of the other everyday, come rain or shine, jumping over rocks and holding on to our vision tightly. It's been brilliant.

Challenge #1

So, we find ourselves at a bit of a crossroads here at KindHaus. We’ve been informed that our Popup license expires shortly and the only next step is a 10 year lease. As much as we’d love for KindHaus to run for another decade and beyond, 10 years feels a bit much. As scary as it was we said, “No, thank you”, and thankfully that wasn’t the end of the conversation. We’ve been offered a Lease at Will which in short means, as long as the Landlord and I agree to continue we can stay here for another few months under those terms. Relief.

Challenge #2
The Rent. We’re a young business, word is spreading and we are inching toward profitability but we are just not there yet. As many of our early supporters may know, we received funding from Virgin Startup to get KindHaus up and running in May. Those funds went straight on the rent to give us the runway to focus on the operations. Those funds have now run out. Even if we charged £5 at the door, as some have recommended, we have crunched the numbers but at this early stage in the business, we would still land here.

What we need to do

We now need to raise another £25,000 to keep KindHaus going this Winter and stay at Stoke Popup for at least another 5 months. We’ve approached organisations that seemed like they'd support our mission to support parents in the early years but have been declined due to KindHaus not being a charity or a CIC...It's 2023...Far from Okay. Also, as discussed with many of you in person, we are in discussions with an investor (wow!?) who believes in our vision however that process takes time and it could be many months before any funds are issued.

Our cross roads

Option A - Close KindHaus next week on the 13th November for the Winter months, and reopen in the Spring when we expect to get funding. ​ ​

Option B - Raise enough contributions to cover the rent through the Winter months and keep KindHaus going until we get funding.


Pretty stark, we know...

We're all in for Option B

Why? Everyone agrees - November would be an awful time to close KindHaus. We believe it’s essential to stay open during the cold, dark months and ensure parents in Stokey, Hackney and beyond have somewhere warm and welcoming to be. For those of you in need of a few hours of childcare in the week to get on top of work and life admin, it’s again essential.

Can you support?

Please contribute to our Kickstarter Campaign We’ve decided to launch a Kickstarter to help cover the rent over the Winter. Backers will be able to redeem their donations in exchange for a range of services, from Cowork & Creche spaces to Unlimited Coffee. Our Kickstarter application is under review and we’ll send the link as soon as it’s approved. ​


If you’d like to support sooner

Alternatively, if you'd like to support now you can contribute via our payment platform on Wix

Contribute £25

​Contribute £50​

Contribute £125 ​


Please spread the word

Help us reach as many potential supporters as possible. We know it’s a financially tricky time for everyone. If you or anyone you know feels they can support our mission with ideas, contacts or contributions to help us stay open for local families in these challenging months, we would be hugely grateful.

Here's a link to our flyer

Thank you

Thank you again for all of your support thus far. We know it’s a difficult ask. Our heartfelt mission has always been to make parent-life easier. We can but try. ​ We are all ears and keen to do whatever we need to keep the doors open this Winter.


We’ll be in touch again soon with updates and a link to Kickstarter once it’s live. As always, feel free to drop up a line by replying to this email and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Wishing you much kindness,

Ann-Marie, Lory, Tarah, Mey, and Ned (the Horse) x

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