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Hey Hackney.
Let's create something new.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Hello Hackney parents and carers.

We are Hackney residents who love the area and want to make it even better for our families. We are working to create a new venue dedicated to modern families in Hackney.

We're hoping to create a space that is well designed and welcoming for kids and parents. We've spoken to a few parents and have these features in mind;

  • An indoor play area for the kids 

  • Co-working space for adults to get work done

  • A cafe and lounge area to chill and meet friends

  • An online members club to connect with like-minded parents in the area


It's all very exciting but most importantly, we need to hear from you - local Hackney parents and carers. What would you like to see in the space? How would you like the space to work? How would you like to feel in this new space?

Join the waitlist today to have your say and get the latest news and updates in your inbox. 

Join the Hackney waitlist

Thanks for joining the KindHaus waitlist. We'll be in touch soon!

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