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Need KindHaus in your area?

Tell us where to build nextDifferentiate your 

We are looking for the best locations to open our clubhouses. If your area needs a KindHaus let us know by filling out the form below.


Frequently asked questions


How much space do I need for KindHaus in my building?

Our 'haus' range from 3500 sf to 5000 sf. We work directly with landlords to recommend the best size depending on customer experience, occupier, building density.


What KindHaus services can we choose from?

The creche facility is the core KindHaus offering giving time-pressed modern parents the headspace they need to focus on wellness and work, or to simply enjoy a quiet meal with their loved one. In addition to this we provide flexible workspace, wellness rooms, lactation rooms, coffee house and playspaces.

How much does it cost to build KindHaus in my building?

The cost depends on a variety of factors including haus size, market conditions and the existing condition of the building. CapEx is budget-friendly

Why do I need KindHaus in my building?

Differentiated offering

Higher tenant satisfaction

Drive leasing activity

Drive higher daily occupancy rates

Charge higher rental rates

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