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Build a creche in your workspace

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We believe the future of work is blended - Work and real life blended to make our members lives easier and our businesses stronger. KindHaus provides an end-to-end creche management solution to help flexible workspace operators get up and running, with low risk.

Stand out from the crowd

Differentiate your flexible workspace brand with an innovative and inclusive member-centred amenity

  • Provide best-in-class experiences 

  • Create more inclusive spaces

  • Contribute to a better lifestyle for your members

Maximise under-utilised space

Convert under-utilised space into a valuable and highly marketable amenity for your workspace. Our creche service can contribute to many business benefits including;

  • Higher occupancy rate

  • Increased dwell time

  • Increased spend 

Provide a great service with low-risk 

KindHaus carries all the risk so you don't have to; 

  • We register the creche in our name

  • We mange all compliance, safety and childcare regulation

  • We employ the team. We do all the background checks. We handle all the HR and training 

  • We hold our own public liability insurance and specialised insurabce for childcare providers

How the process works

1. Concept & Design

  • KindHaus help to identify suitable space within your building

  • KindHaus provide creche specifications and build-book

  • KindHaus manage the conversion of the space working closely with in-house facilities

  • KindHaus provide booking technology, furnishing and all supplies

  • KindHaus conduct full governance audits against Ofsted and EYFS requirements

  • KindHaus provide all legal, compliance and insurance requirements

  • KindHaus recruit all creche staff and ensure advanced DBS checks and qualifications are in place

  • KindHaus help gather insights and conduct audience research 

  • KindHaus conduct pre-opening risk assessments

2. Launch & Activate

  • KindHaus help organise the creche launch plan

  • KindHaus collaborate with providers to support awareness and activation campaigns

  • KindHaus run “Bring Your Baby” open days for your community to experience the creche

  • KindHaus arrange "Meet the Team"session pre-opening

3. Maintain & Measure

  • KindHaus provide full continuos onsite management

  • KindHaus gather regular feedback from parents

  • KindHaus conduct ongoing risk assessments.

  • KindHaus track creche performance against pre-agreed KPIs and share regular management reports

4. Respond & Adapt

  • KindHaus ensure the creche remains up to date with any changes in policy or legislation

  • KindHaus evolve the offering with the needs of the parents and the direction of the business

  • KindHaus make recommendations for continuos improvement based on performance data, customer feedback and best-practice

Frequently asked questions


How much space do I need for a KindHaus creche in my building?

Our creche service ranges from 190 sf for 5 children to 950 sf for 30 children. We work directly with operators to recommend the best size depending on customer experience, occupiers, building density.

Do we need planning permission to build creche in our workspace?

With the new commercial property use classes that came into effect in September 2020 the opportunity to have a creche in your workspace has never been easier. Workspaces and childcare both fall under Use Class E.

Do we need OFSTED approval before opening a creche in our workspace?

We work closely with the Early Years Compliance team in each borough we operate in to ensure our creche services are safe and to OFSTED standard. OFSTED approval is not required to operate a creche where children are in our care for 4 hours of less a day. However, we are voluntarily applying for OFSTED approval for the added peace of mind it gives to our parents and partners.


What KindHaus services can we choose from?

The creche facility is the core KindHaus offering giving time-pressed modern parents the headspace they need to focus on wellness and work. In addition to this we can provide wellness rooms, lactation rooms, barista service and in-house play spaces.

How much does it cost to build a KindHaus creche in our space?

The set-up cost depends on a variety of factors including the creche size and the existing condition of the building. CapEx is budget-friendly. Example - An essential creche offering in a new-build venue for 6 children under the age of 5 could cost £4800+.

What are the ongoing costs to run KindHaus in our space?

The management fee depends on the number of children and services required.  An essential creche offering for 6 children under the age of 5 would be £240 per session. If you ran the creche three days a week the monthly cost would be £2880. 

What age ranges can you care for?

Ages are limited to 6 months to 6 years old​

Children with SEN are welcome. Please let us know in advance so we can arrange one to one care

Why do we need KindHaus in our space?

  • Differentiated offering

  • Higher occupant satisfaction

  • Drive leasing activity

  • Drive higher daily occupancy rates

  • Charge higher rental rates

What is included in the cost of a session?

  • Nurturing, child-led, educational experiences with experienced childcare professionals

  • Healthy food, nappies and wipes are included. Vegan and allergy free options available

  • Regular digital session updates for parents 

  • Monthly KindHaus newsletter with parent friendly support and offers 

What might a typical creche session look like?

Each session lasts 3-4 hours and is designed to nurture development based on the age and stage of the children in our care. With parental permission we take the children on daily trips to local nature spots. A typical indoor day might look like this; 

  • Pre session  - Parents register online and book via our website

  • 9:00 - Parents sign in, drop their children off and we settle them in

  • 9:30 - Free-play time

  • 10:00 - Sing and sign

  • 10:30 - Messy play

  • 11:00 - Snack time

  • 11:30 - Story time

  • 12:00/1:00 - Parents pick their children up and sign out

What parents say;
  • “This crèche is amazing. A beautiful and most needed space to support parents"

  • “Kindhaus was an absolute lifeline when I was getting back into work after having a baby as a freelancer"

  • “An amazing space - wish I'd learned about it earlier. I'm able to book my baby in and have three glorious hours to get admin and work done"

  • “I LOVE this place! Has saved my sanity several times when I’ve needed to get some work done but had the little one."

How do we get started?

We recommend launching with 2-3 creche sessions per week to build demand over time and to adapt to parent and business needs. It can take 4-6 weeks from contract to full implementation, depending on the number of children and condition of the space. To explore your ideas and talk though any questions feel free to book a free telephone consultation. Email

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